Insecure review: Beyoncé is a bust for Issa, Molly, Kelli and Tiffany


The good news about this new episode of Insecure? No one ends up in jail. The bad news, we get no Beyoncé reactions from the crew. Also, Lawrence is back!

Issa picks up some extra Lyft shifts to supplement her income after she quits her job at We Got Y’all. She, Kelli and Tiffany head to the Coachella music festival for the weekend. Molly almost bails on the trip because of work but changes her mind and joins the girls.

The shenanigans begin after Kelli takes an edible before the first concert.  Molly arrives at the girls’ rented house to find everyone asleep and decides to get some work done.

The next day, Nathan invites the girls to a pool party where everyone (except pregnant Tiffany) takes Molly before heading to see Beyoncé. Issa leaves the group to hang with Nathan and the two get hot and heavy in a Ferris wheel car. Meanwhile, a still intoxicated Molly and Kelli end up in a brawl over a spot on the field and are escorted off of the festival grounds, missing Beyoncé in the process. Making matters worse, Molly’s boss sends her last-minute notes on her work and she panics. Issa returns home to utter chaos as Molly (who is still high on Molly) rushes to send in her brief, Kelli is angry about missing Beyoncé and soiling herself, and Tiffany cries after admitting that she took a bite of an edible before the concert.

In the morning, all is well as the girls laugh about the previous night. Issa heads to the 7-11 with Tiffany for some water. There, she shares that she’s afraid of how different her life is and how much she and the girls have changed. Issa reassures her that they’ll always be friends, no matter how their lives develop. The episode ends on a cliffhanger of sorts as Issa runs into Chad, and Lawrence at the 7-11.

*cue suspense-filled music*

Well, that was interesting

Up until the last two-ish minutes, “High-Like” was little more than an isolated episode about four girls going to a music festival and having a good time. And that was great. Insecure is a very plot-driven show but it was amusing to see all of the girls away from their lives and interacting with each other in a light-hearted way. Each of the girls has a different “high persona” — Molly is panicky, Kelli is paranoid and moody, Issa is spaced out and zen and Tiffany is, well, just herself on steroids (or edibles, as it were).

Even though this episode was mainly for laughs, we still got some insights into the girls’ mindsets. With the exception of Kelli, all of the friends were dealing with some hidden fear that interfered with their ability to truly have fun over the weekend. Issa was worried about her next steps after quitting her job, Molly is still trying to measure up at work, and Tiffany is fearful of her life-changing after she becomes a mother.

Then, there’s the return of Lawrence Walker. While many people on social media seemed genuinely shocked that Lawrence was back, I wasn’t. He played too much of a role in Issa’s life to just disappear from the show with little to no explanation. Lawrence and Issa ended things on decent terms so there shouldn’t be too much drama to start with. Hopefully, Lawrence

has stopped being trash

is doing well and willing to continue his friendship with Issa. Again, I don’t really need to see her in a relationship with anyone right now (not even Nathan, cute as he is), but with Lawrence back, there’s definitely room for some exciting plot twists for the last three episodes.

Other thoughts

  • I must say, I’m disappointed in the girls for letting their antics make them miss Beyoncé. This was for the culture, y’all! Get it together!
  • Yay! We got another episode-ception with Kev’yn.
  • Someone should really look into whether doing it in a Ferris wheel qualifies you for the mile high club.
  • I used to think that going to a music festival was on my bucket list, but honestly, after tonight’s episode, I think I can pass. The heat, the high people, the lack of cell service and the crowding is enough to make anybody want to fight.
  • Kelli is confidence goals. Who else do you know that could get up after being tazed and peeing on herself and snap a selfie with her festival bae?
  • So Tiffany was part of the “we’re all high” crew after all. Well, on the bright side, she’s probably going to have one chill baby.

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What was your favorite part of tonight’s Insecure?