6 reasons why you need to watch Next Gen on Netflix


Next Gen is the most recent addition to Netflix’s lineup of original animated content, and we definitely don’t want you to sleep on this heart-wrenching and relatable story of a girl and her robot.

Written by Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander, Next Gen is not your average adorable robot movie. While the core concept of a kid befriending a lovable robot is similar to other movies we’ve seen before, this one in particular stands out in a variety of ways.

To start off, Mai is the lead (voiced by Charlyne Yi,) and she comes with plenty of relatable problems. Her mom doesn’t pay attention to her the way a parent should because she’s super obsessed with robots, her dad left the picture when she was younger, and the local kids beat on her.

To sum up, she feels neglected, lonely, and bullied. Not only that, but she feels angry all the time. 7723, the robot she discovers (voiced by John Krasinski), is the key to solving all of that, but it’s not an easy or tear-less journey.

Here is a list of reasons that will motivate you to watch the movie the next time you’re browsing on Netflix.

Its futuristic world of robotics is fantastic

Everything in the world of Next Gen is operated and serviced by robots, and we mean everything. Even the food containers storing our favorite ramen noodles are computerized. The advanced world these characters live in is inspiring and makes us wish we had our own smart homes.

That said, too much of anything isn’t a good thing. While the movie does get you thinking about the future and how we can improve our own lives, it also acts as a warning. It’s a necessary reminder for children, teenagers, and adults in the audience that even though technology is fun and convenient, there’s more to life than the fancy gadgets we own.

With that lesson in mind, the movie still does a spectacular job at enhancing our imaginations as creators and storytellers.

It demonstrates how robots can be more human than people

In various stories, robots tend to be our better halves. They demonstrate an innocence that makes them endearing and a better understanding of what it means to be human. We’ve seen great examples recently, like Baymax and WALL-E. 7723 is no different.

In fact, 7723 does a fantastic job of teaching youngsters and reminding adults about important core values, especially when it comes to doing the right thing and dealing with loss.

It realistically shows the effects of bullying

Bullying of any kind is no laughing matter and society in general needs to take it more seriously. It has severe consequences. Next Gen isn’t afraid to show its audience what happens when a kid gets bullied and manages to acquire a robot capable of hurting others.

We see the effects of bullying and neglect play out on the news every day, and it’s easy to turn our heads and forget the tragedies. While it may not have been the intention of the creators, Next Gen acts as a giant metaphor, reminding us that these problems are universal and more common than you would believe.

The villain isn’t what you expect

Every protagonist has an antagonist, so it’s no surprise our dynamic pair has to fight off an evil mastermind with dark intentions. It’s an evil scheme that goes on in the background because the major focus of the movie is on Mai and 7723’s growing friendship.

That said, the movie does an outstanding job at throwing in a last-minute twist that makes perfect sense.

It teaches valuable life lessons

One of the hardest things we all have to experience at one point or another is losing someone we care about. There’s no handy-dandy guidebook that explains what we should do in that situation and how to get through it, especially when you’re as young as Mai.

It’s easy to fall into a state of anger because things of this nature are completely out of our control. When 7723 tells Mai an important life lesson, it’s not just for her own benefit. The audience ends up learning with her, and believe it or not, it makes those hard moments easier to deal with.

It shows what happens when you have a support system

Having a support system, especially at a young age, is crucial for development and emotional health. It may not solve every problem, but having this kind of system in place and adding communication to the mix can help make a difference in someone’s life.

Next Gen demonstrates to the audience what happens when a support system is non-existent and what happens when one is finally established. It goes from one extreme end of being misunderstood with a series of bad behaviors to a more balanced and wholesome lifestyle. That’s the kind of happy ending we all deserve.

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If you want a movie with spectacular visuals, a great soundtrack, and a beautiful heart-tugging story, then Next Gen should be on your radar. You’ll come away with so much more than what you were expecting, and those tend to be the best kind of movies.