Time to fly out to London because an ABBA-themed restaurant is coming


Mamma Mia! An ABBA-themed restaurant is set to open in London, and we’re basically ready to pack our bags and get tickets ASAP.

Fans of ABBA have had quite the year already with Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again hitting theaters this summer. Get ready for more ABBA fun, because a restaurant dedicated to the band and their popular music is headed for London.

Currently in Sweden, Mamma Mia! The Party is an immersive dining experience where patrons are completely immersed in the film’s magic, having dinner in what feels like a Grecian setting straight from Mamma Mia!

The restaurant is headed for London, so that means nabbing some U.K.-bound tickets ASAP! There, you can experience a wonderful meal and a show while the classic ABBA hits you know and love are playing in the background. Really, will you even be able to focus on dinner while all this is happening around you?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Niko’s (the name of the tavern) will be set up to seat 500 guests and be as authentic to the movie as possible. Reminiscent of Donna’s hotel, the blue and white theme fits with both the Greek aesthetic as well as the film’s portrayal of the adorable island Donna and Sophie live on, Skopelos.

That island was recreated in Stockholm for the last three years and the London location is just the next step in bringing the Mamma Mia! experience to fans everywhere. We can only hope one of these themed restaurants makes its way to the U.S.

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