Vanity Fair unveils 2018 best-dressed fashion list, from Meghan Markle to Rihanna


Vanity Fair’s best-dressed fashion list for 2018 features celebrities such as Amal Clooney and LeBron James in its roll-call of stylish stars.

Vanity Fair has done it again when it comes to giving us a reason to swoon (stylishly, of course) over the best-dressed celebrities on the planet. For 2018, the fashion bible lured a group of style gurus from various creative fields to serve as judge and jury. With help from Vanity Fair‘s own executive fashion director, Samira Nasr, these fashionistas chose the best-dressed of the year.

We’ve picked our own favorites from Vanity Fair‘s list to recognize in an unofficial Culturess salute.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Oh, Tracee Ellis Ross, we admit we didn’t fully appreciate your fashion diva delights until we saw this Instagram photo. Tracee names her mother as her style icon and she offers words of wisdom when it comes to her approach to choosing her fashion.

“The whole thing about style is that not everybody’s gonna get it, and it doesn’t matter,” pointed out the actress. “I really just wear what makes my heart sing! I feel like I came out of my mom’s womb like, ‘Where’s the beads?!?'”

LeBron James

One of the joys of Vanity Fair‘s annual best-dressed list: The inclusion of celebs you’d never expect. We’re cheering that LeBron James made the list. As an example of why James qualified, the publication recalled how the Lord Of The Hoops showed up at Game One of the N.B.A. finals in “an exquisitely tailored Thom Browne short suit, dress socks hiked up to his calves.”

Words of wisdom from the six-foot-seven-inch king: “I keep in mind that comfort, confidence, and what feels natural play a big part in style.”


Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

Thank you for not disappointing us, Vanity Fair. We had our polished fingers crossed that Meghan Markle would make the list, and the publication recognized the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle’s celeb-to-royalty style journey means she has “evolved into a much sleeker, high-fashion look.” The mag continued that, “She’s the most daring of the royal fashion pack, and her signature boatneck cut and monochromatic color choices exhibit classic polish.”


Speaking of royalty… Queen RiRi always looks chic, whether she’s in off-duty style or red carpet radiance. Vanity Fair pointed out that Rihanna has matured into the “ultimate chameleon,” going from OMG styles such as “masculine streetwear with cleavage” to a “bejeweled Gucci balaclava.”

How to sum up Rihanna? “A true style heroine.”

Other best-dressed fashion faves

Vanity Fair‘s best-dressed celebrity list also included some other swoon-worthy stars. Jay-Z, for example, earned recognition for his “tailored silhouette, with ’70s-era shirts, and Gucci and Tom Ford suiting.”  Danielle Steel, one of those who chose the list nominees, named Amal Clooney as “an exceptionally chic woman, beautifully turned out on every occasion.”

Then there’s Troye Sivan, who offered his own fashion advice when he learned he’d been chosen.

“For a long time, I didn’t allow myself to wear things that I actually appreciated because I was worried I couldn’t pull them off,” admitted the singer-songwriter. “Push yourself out of your comfort zone and trust your instincts—allow yourself that journey.”

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