A producer of The Simpsons just noticed a ridiculous continuity error


D’oh! Who knew The Simpsons had such a glaring mistake back in the early seasons? Funny enough, it’s a producer of the show who pointed out the blunder.

The Simpsons has been airing for so long that continuity errors happen on a fairly regular basis. And not just with crazy twists like Armin Tamzarian or Homer and Marge going to college/Marge not getting pregnant right out of high school with Bart.

Although, it’s not every day that a producer of the show points it out for the whole internet to see.

Earlier this week, Simpsons producer Matt Selman must have been doing some research, because he stumbled upon a pretty blatant continuity error. He tweeted the below regarding the season 6 episode “And Maggie Makes Three.”

As he points out, the photo of Maggie that’s typically behind the couch is still on the wall, even during a flashback when Marge is pregnant with her. (You may remember Maggie from other such Simpsons episodes as “Lisa’s First Word” and “Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two.”)

But that’s a pretty big, hilarious error. And it’s astounding that no one seems to have noticed it before now.

Sure, there’s been some time travel involved in The Simpsons, but it’s usually just in “Treehouse of Horror” installments… or flash-forwards… or a wizard did it. And everything goes back to normal at the end (like when Lisa had multiple cats who died and then just ended up naming the final one Snowball V, but still refer to it has Snowball II).

With a show that’s been on the air for 30 seasons, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that something like this slipped through the radar. And how many of us really pay that much attention to the backgrounds in scenes?

It’s too bad Selman didn’t try to pass it off as Lisa or anything like that. I mean, what are we to believe? That this is some kind of… magic picture frame? Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder. (Just kidding, of course!)

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The Simpsons will return for its 30th season premiere on Sept. 30 at 8 pm EST. You can catch it on Fox.