New Incredibles 2 short will feature Auntie Edna and baby Jack-Jack


Just when you thought The Incredibles 2 couldn’t get any better, fans who pick up the DVD can find out what went on at Auntie Edna’s.

Good news, Incredibles fans! We’re getting more content for the animated film. Brad Bird, aka Incredibles 2 director and voice of our favorite fashion designer, Edna, tweeted out that the DVD will feature a new animated short giving fans more insight into what the heck went on at Auntie Edna’s, and fans are incredibly (no pun intended) excited.

The highly-anticipated sequel to the animated movie may have gotten mixed reviews from new and old fans, but there is one thing that many can agree on. One of the most unexpected, yet perfect, pairings that Pixar could have chosen found its way into this movie, making it all the more hilarious.

Edna and Jack-Jack were a hit together, and are definitely a reason you’ll want to snag the Incredibles 2 DVD.

Of course, we’re no stranger to animated shorts when it comes to the Incredibles franchise. When the first movie was released back in 2004, fans were given a bonus scene titled “Jack-Jack Attack,” showing what went on in the Parr household for little Jack-Jack and his babysitter Kari.

Though things didn’t go exactly the way Kari would have expected, we’re pretty sure Edna can handle the tiny superhero. Well-accustomed to the superhero life and having the equipment and space to handle the youngster (who’s still trying to figure out how to control his powers), Edna is undoubtedly the perfect choice for a babysitter.

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The DVD is anticipated to be released in October. Are you excited for this new clip? What do you think will happen? Let us know in the comments below!