Vox Lux’s first teaser shows little, but is still somehow intriguing


Whatever Vox Lux may turn out to be, it’s giving us Natalie Portman as an artist rocking some high-concept looks, and sometimes that’s all we need.

Naming an album Vox Lux in the real world might actually be a step too far for almost any singer out there. Even Beyoncé probably wouldn’t go to Latin to name an album, loosely, “Voice of Light.” But in the world of cinema, anything is possible, so the idea of Natalie Portman not only being a pop artist but also naming her album that … well, it still seems a little wild, but that doesn’t stop it from being alluring in its own way.

As TheWrap notes, we don’t even know if the person in the official teaser for the film is actually Portman’s character, Celeste. Judging by the photos out there, which show her in some vaguely Black Swan meets Jupiter Ascending stagewear, this probably is Celeste, though. TheWrap also notes that the music itself will be “a compendium of sci-fi anthems,” basically explaining the aesthetic.

Although TheWrap doesn’t speculate on why the teaser transitions into an old-fashioned title card with equally retro musical accompaniment, it’s possible that the story of the movie, which shows Celeste’s beginnings as well as where she is now, may play a part. Maybe that music represents the song that originally made her famous? The styling of the title card — the pink background especially — remind us of early Britney Spears, specifically the album …Baby One More Time. And if there’s one star who probably can look at this movie and see some parallels (meteoric rise, meteoric fall, and attempt to rise again), it’s Britney.

Watch the teaser below.

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The movie doesn’t have a U.S. premiere date just yet, but let’s face it: this seems like it could be fascinating.