These two new Walking Dead characters may be a problem for Rick and Maggie


The Walking Dead just added two new characters to its growing season 9 cast. We hope Rick and Maggie are careful around these troublesome newbies.

Warning: Spoilers may be below, as topics from the comic may make their way to the show.

The Walking Dead has just cast two new faces for the show’s upcoming ninth season.

Brett Butler, seen on How to Get Away with Murder and Grace Under Fire, is set to play the ornery Tammy Rose. Cold Case‘s John Finn will assist with the rebuilding of communities as a blacksmith named Earl.

Rick and the rest better watch out for Tammy, as she’s one hot-tempered “salt of the Earth” woman. Based on the comics, she lives by Hilltop with her husband Morton and son Brandon. Due Carl’s death in season 8 means Tammy will be introduced to us a little differently.

Comic readers will remember that she came in hot, enraged that Carl had nearly beaten her son to death. Granted, Carl was defending himself and Sophia. She’s not too happy with Hilltop’s leader, Maggie, and Carl ends up being locked up for the fight. Tammy and Maggie have a tense relationship, and with Maggie already on edge after Negan being shown mercy by Rick, we’re eager to see how extra pressure from the community effects her.

Tammy meets a pretty gruesome fate in the comics at the hands of the Whisperer’s leader, Alpha — and this is where Earl comes in. In the comics, Earl is a blacksmith who ends up mentoring Carl, so we know that storyline is already out the window. The show already found a way to twist his character, as he is set to be Tammy’s husband, in place of Morton.

If Tammy is killed by the Whisperers, Earl could follow Morton’s storyline of being a hot-headed hubby who angrily grieves the loss of his wife. So much so that he leads an opposition against Rick. But, as we all know, no one survives #RickRage.

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We’ll wait and see how Tammy and Earl’s characters connect with the current Walking Dead crew. They’re just a couple new faces to an already growing cast for season 9, that includes Samantha Morton (Alpha), Cassady McClincy (Lydia), Ryan Hurst (Beta), Eleanor Matsuura (Yumiko), Nadia Hilker (Magna), Dan Fogler (Luke), Angel Theory (Kelly), and Lauren Ridloff (Connie).

The Walking Dead returns for its ninth season on AMC on October 7.