Protego Foundation fundraiser offers Harry Potter merchandise signed by the stars


If you want to get your hands on some Harry Potter merchandise and help a good cause, you’re in luck. Protego Foundation has a fundraiser with Evanna Lynch, Robbie Jarvis, and more.

What if you could get your hands on some signed Harry Potter merchandise and help a good cause at the same time? That’s exactly what the Protego Foundation is offering. Working closely with Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis (among others) the foundation is looking to raise more awareness to animal extinction and the efforts needed to save them.

To do that, the foundation has a fundraiser going through Indigogo. You may not know that Indigogo offers the ability for fundraisers to set up perks for campaigns. Among the Protego Foundation perks is signed merchandise from the stars.

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It shouldn’t be that surprising to hear that Lynch is part of this foundation. She’s a vocal advocate for animal rights and earlier this year put herself through the devastating tests that animals are subjected to for the sake of health and beauty. Jarvis isn’t as prolific, but he is still vocal. Other Harry Potter stars and actors are also passionate advocates for animal rights and the fight against extinction.

The current fundraiser is to raise more funds to spread the message further. Some of the funds will go to presenting at LeakyCon 2018 and others will help to create more impactful campaigns to allow the Harry Potter community to save animals, both magical and non-magical alive.

Protego Foundation has run a number of causes and campaigns in the past, including the Adopt a Pygmy Puff campaign, which saw more than 1,200 Potterheads offer to adopt cats, dogs, and more, and the Save the Erumpent to help raise money for a rhino rehab facility.

There is a perk for all Harry Potter fans, whether you just have $1 to give (that will get you an exclusive graphic emailed with a thank you note from Protego’s creative director Claire) or $100 for one of the 15 Protego Foundation mission statement posters signed by Evanna Lynch.

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There are buttons, journals, Magical Creature Cat Toys, t-shirts, and so much more. For $50, you can get one of 10 James Potter wand boxes signed by Robbie Jarvis (since he played Young James Potter). Whatever you have to give will go towards the $5,000 goal for the foundation.

You can visit the Protego Foundation fundraiser here.

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Will you sign up for one of the Harry Potter perks? Do you already support the Protego Foundation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.