How models prep for New York Fashion Week with beauty, fitness, and diet


New York Fashion Week supermodels know what it takes to look fabulous on the runway: Dedicated diets, focused fitness, and bold beauty!

When you watch those New York Fashion Week models strut down the runway, it looks effortless. In reality, however, those supermodels have been preparing for weeks with everything from yoga to vegan shakes to heavy-duty moisturizers. We take a look at the pre-runway prep models go through ahead of the most stylish time of the year.

The beauty basics ahead of NYFW

New York Fashion Week models told Teen Vogue that caring for their skin ranks number one on their beauty regimes. They also know which makeup looks best under those hot spotlights, and use care when it comes to choosing hair products.

Models who have what it takes to strut at New York Fashion Week bring their best selves. One model, Alicia Herberth, told Teen Vogue that often means knowing what to play up when it comes to their natural beauty.

Herberth likes a lightweight foundation that shows off her freckles. She accentuates her curly hair with Bumble And Bumble’s curl line, and hydrates her skin every morning with a special skin cream.

Looking for something more heavy duty?  You might try model Grace Simmons‘ tips for skin that’s ready for the runway.

"I swear by the whole Clinique Moisture Surge line — it’s honestly the best stuff I’ve ever tried. It’s moisture without oil, and your face just feels soft… I like to put my face moisturizer on really heavily, almost like a mask."

In contrast, model Noel Berry said she likes using a cleansing product followed by facial oils for moisturizing at night, and then she skips the cleansing in the morning. Noel keeps her makeup simple.

Berry says:

"I don’t cleanse my face in the morning because my skin gets dry really easily. I’ll wear a chapstick, Giorgio Armani concealer, and brush up my eyebrows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel."

Runway-ready diet and fitness

Stella Maxwell, 28, is no exception when it comes to prepping for New York Fashion Week with a special regime. Maxwell told WWD that for her, self-care is essential in order to “rejuvenate” before NYFW.

“I also eat pretty well-rounded and do yoga,” said Maxwell.

Maxwell’s diet for and during New York Fashion Week includes powering up with “really good vegan protein shakes.” And rather than gulping down super-caffeinated espressos, Maxwell is a “big fan of matcha lattes.” The model also admits she’s “really into oat milk.”

Model Noel Berry agrees with the importance of a healthy diet and fitness plan to get ready for New York Fashion Week. She shared with Shape that she begins her day with eggs, followed by spinach or avocado and green tea.

“For lunch, I like to have a nice salad with lots of veggies or some kind of wrap. For a snack, I’ll have a Kind bar or some hummus, which I love!” said Berry.

Berry makes sure to include protein at dinner, such as fish, chicken, or steak. She eats her vegetables and indulges in “some kind of potato–I love potatoes in all form!” And just like us, Berry doesn’t try to resist treating herself to dessert (we love that).

“For dessert, I’ll have frozen yogurt—it’s something you can indulge in,” pointed out the NYFW model.

And for those who think that getting a model requires long hours in the gym, think again. Berry sometimes doesn’t go to the gym, instead working out with a “15-minute, full-body Pilates video off YouTube on my phone.”

Whether it’s that 15-minute Pilates routine, “some yoga” or a short run, Berry said she feels “so much better” by taking time to do some sort of exercise a few days a week. She has discovered that she makes “more health conscious decisions throughout the day if I’ve started the day with a workout.”

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