Busy Philipps dancing like Lindsay Lohan in Mykonos will make your summer


Let the LiLo dancing memes commence and let Busy Philipps lead the charge! In a recent Insta video, Busy and Kelly Oxford channeled Lohan’s Mykonos moves.

Lindsay Lohan dancing in Mykonos became the mood of the summer and Busy Philipps jumped on that wagon. The trend, now being known as #DoTheLilo, is the latest viral sensation to take over the internet.

If you check out the #DoTheLilo tag on Twitter,  it is filled with people either dubbing over the video with their own music or dancing their way through the end of summer just like Lindsay Lohan. So, of course, some celebrities have decided to channel LiLo and get down just as summer is coming to a close.

Busy started the Labor Day weekend off by posting the video of Lindsay and wishing her followers a happy holiday. The actress encouraged everyone to “Get down like Lindsay in Mykonos” on their Monday off.

From there, her and author Kelly Oxford took on the challenge and decided to dance like Lindsay in a kitchen. The two do the entire dance, and get bonus points for including the audio from Lindsay’s video. (Hair flips and leg lifts also included.)

Since the viral craze started, even Lindsay herself has joined in, telling people they should all get out there and show off their best #DoTheLilo. It is a nice way to keep the summer spirit alive even though Labor Day has come and gone.

Maybe flossing will start to fade into everyone doing the #DoTheLilo. If not, we at least have these amazing videos of people living their best LiLo life.

All we need now is someone doing the dance while they ask Alexa to play “Despacito”.

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Take Lindsay’s advice and #DoTheLilo. In fact, go full Mykonos Lohan and enjoy every moment and hair flip. Busy Philipps and Lindsay Lohan would want you to.