AHS Apocalypse to be directed by more women than men


More than half of the episodes of AHS Apocalypse are going to be directed by women, including Sarah Paulson, and we are happy to hear it.

The premiere of AHS Apocalypse is just a little over a week away, and we are all excited to see what this season has in store. As the release of the season draws closer and closer, Ryan Murphy has been helping fans get hyped up by posting teasers of the cast on set. He has posted many pictures the last week or so, but one post, in particular, has us really excited.

Yesterday, he posted a picture of Sarah Paulson, a series regular who has played many characters across the different seasons, in the director’s chair on the set of Apocalypse.

The caption to the picture reads, “The Supreme talent herself Sarah Paulson on set of American Horror Story making her directorial debut and killing it as we all knew she would. This year 60 percent of AHS episodes will be directed by women. Love u Paulson and proud of u!”

Paulson is set to return as her character from Coven, Cordelia Foxx. While we aren’t sure what will happen in this season that is a crossover and continuation of Murder House and Coven, we are excited for Paulson’s return as she has played many roles in the series with success. It is also exciting that she will be directing at least one of the episodes, and we congratulate her on her directorial debut.

The news that more than half of the season’s episodes will be directed by women is well-welcomed, and we also have to say, about damn time. Having more women behind the camera and involved with the production of television is always a win, and often leads to more diverse, complex stories and characters.

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AHS has had some moments of success with telling diverse stories about women, people of color, and queer people, and it has also made some mistakes. While, in our opinion, the last season missed the mark in many ways, there have been a variety of queer characters and diverse characters of many kinds over the years, and we hope to see that continue in this newest season.