We have some ideas for the MBJ vs. Will Smith cook off


Michael B. Jordan has challenged Will Smith to a cook off and Gordon Ramsay has agreed to be the judge. We have some ideas for what they should cook.

Michael B. Jordan has become a superstar, and, with his performances as Killmonger in Black Panther and Adonis Johnson in Creed, he is likely to keep landing more and more roles.

While filming Creed II in Philadelphia this year, he has been cited in many locations around the city, which is also a city that means a lot to Will Smith. “West Philadelphia, born and raised” — you know the rest.

The two are actually pretty chill buds, and Jordan was on vacation at a cabin that Will Smith owns last week. While there, he decided to get to cooking, and this inspired him to challenge Will Smith to a “cook off.” He posted about the challenge on Instagram. Smith has accepted the challenged, and chef Gordon Ramsay has offered to be the judge. This showdown sounds pretty amazing to us, and we hope that they all follow through.

MBJ has already taken the lead as it appears he made eggs and French toast as well as bacon and sausage. Then, a dinner of mash potatoes, salmon, and strip steak with asparagus on the side. Wow, if we didn’t love him already, those Killmonger kitchen skills are slaying us. Can we get some iced water to help with the thirst?

Will Smith has had a lot of fun responding to viral challenges lately including the recent “In My Feelings” craze, which he did on top of a bridge.  So, we are sure he will cook up something pretty great in response.

Now, we got to thinking, how could Will Smith respond to MBJ’s challenge? If the two really got into an actual cookl off face to face, what should the parameters of the challenge be? This is a cooking show that would be sure to bring in lots of viewers, and we will dream of it being real.

The most obvious answer, of course, is Philly cheesesteaks. The two could square off Beat Bobby Flay style and be judged on their take on the classic dish that’s made Philadelphia proud.

Or they could take an approach inspired by their roles in hero movies. A sort of Marvel vs DC showdown, if you will?

We would love to see MBJ attempt to make this gorgeous Wakandan jeweled vegetable pilau with berbere braised lamb. This dish was made by Nnedi Okorafor, comic writer for Black Panther and the upcoming Shuri comics, when she teamed up with Tasty.

To be honest, we don’t really know how Will Smith could respond in a way inspired by Deadshot, his character on Suicide Squad, to beat that dish. So, maybe the Philly cheesesteaks are their best bet.

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What dishes would you like to see the two face off making? In your dream world where this is a TV show, what would you want to see?

(H/T Philly Voice)