Marvel-insider tweet suggests Captain Marvel and Black Panther news on the way


A tweet points to a Captain Marvel teaser trailer possibly dropping soon, as well as potential news about Black Panther 2.

All of us Marvel fans feel like we have been waiting a long time for news about some of our favorite upcoming projects. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the Captain Marvel trailer and speculating about when it will finally drop.

Along with wondering when news and trailers are coming around, fans have been spending their time coming up with theories for the movie and its plot along with how it could possibly tie into the rest of the MCU, specifically Avengers 4.

Another Marvel movie we all want to learn more about is Black Panther 2. While T’Challa is technically “dead” or in the Soul Stone at the moment, everyone is pretty sure that he is coming back. And we are all waiting on pins and needles to find out more about that film and what is in store for everyone in Wakanda.

While nothing’s for certain yet, a tweet posted this week by Grace Randolph claims that big information is coming this September for Marvel.

It seems pretty clear that the Air Force pilot refers to Carol Danvers. That has some fans hoping that a teaser for Captain Marvel will be coming out soon. We sure hope that is the case, because we can’t wait to see that trailer. There’s only seven more months until the movie is out, after all.

The cat referenced was up for debate at first, though, with one Twitter user thinking that was a reference to Captain Marvel’s cat, Chewie.

This was cleared up quickly, however. And it looks like, if this tea is true, we could be getting at least some sort of announcement or information about T’Challa/Black Panther 2 soon. We also can’t wait to hear something more official, and we hope that whatever is referenced in these tweets comes to light for the rest of us quickly.

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We will be waiting with bated breath! What do you hope to see in Captain Marvel? What about Black Panther 2?