Kylie Jenner is bringing Kylie Cosmetics to Ulta Beauty, and her fans are losing it


The beauty maven and reality TV star revealed that Kylie Cosmetics are heading to Ulta, making it that much easier for fans to nab products.

Fans of Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics line are about to have a new place to hunt the products down. In a tweet posted to her social media account, Jenner said that Kylie Cosmetics is, “coming to all @ultabeauty stores around the country this holiday!”

And while she did not share any more information beyond that, this was still exciting news for fans eager to get their hands on her famous lip kits and more. While some fans were disappointed that they would not be getting Kylie Jenner’s products where they live, for the most part this collaboration with Ulta is one that fans are thrilled about.

As Elle Magazine pointed out, the reason for the excitement is two-fold. Not only does this mean more chances for people to get their hands on Kylie Jenner’s beauty line, but previously the only way to buy Kylie Cosmetics was when a pop-up shop opened or online when products launched.

Although we don’t know which of her products will be in stores, at the very least we expect to see the lip kits that launched her makeup empire to begin with. But of course, considering who Kylie Jenner is and how she likes to get things done, we can’t imagine her just giving her fans and customers the same old thing.

With this new partnership with Ulta Beauty, we expect to see exclusive products, an expansion of past launches, and perhaps even more lip kits (and we won’t be mad at that at all). And since it will be available around the holidays, we would not be surprised if Kylie Jenner decided to expand on last year’s holiday products.

Maybe we will see another eyeshadow palette or even some lip liners to go with the lip kits. And if she keeps to a holiday theme, then this might be the perfect way to launch her introduction to Ulta Beauty and their customers.

No matter which products she decides to bring to Ulta, we can’t wait and clearly neither can her followers.

With all the excitement just one tweet has caused, we know that fans will be eagerly waiting to find out what else Kylie Jenner has in store for us.

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Kylie Cosmetics is about to invade Ulta Beauty and makeup fans have never been more excited. We’ll try to wait patiently until products actually hit stores.