Insecure preview: Issa and Molly get off to fresh and rocky starts


Insecure might be out a couple days early, but we’re still bringing you sneak peeks into the Issa and Molly’s latest escapades.

Preview synopsis

Issa Rae and the Insecure gang gave viewers a pre-Labor Day present by dropping episode 4 “Fresh-Like” a few days early, but we can still dive in and see what the episode has in store.

In the promo for the episode, Issa moves into her new apartment and starts unpacking, with best friend Molly’s help of course. May I just say that Molly is an excellent gift giver? Cute, comfy foam mattresses, a succulent (the most invincible of plants for the green thumb deficient) and a bottle of Hennesy. Now Issa has all of the essentials.

Issa’s also getting acclimated to her new role as property manager. We see Issa getting her first tenant complaint about squirrels in the wall — way to hit the ground running!

Molly continues to stumble as she gets acquainted with her new coworkers. In episode 4, she butts heads with a new co-worker named Torian, a Morehouse alumn who apparently needs to take a page from Kendrick Lamar’s book and sit down and be humble.

Spoiler TV sheds a bit more light on the episode, noting that “Issa tries to let go of cherished mementos,” while “Molly vents to her therapist about work.” If Issa’s anything like me, moving and purging her things will be easier said than done. Also, yay! Molly’s back in therapy! Hopefully this time she stays.

What we can look forward to

It’ll be fun to see Issa taking charge of something as a property manager since she isn’t having as much success trying to lead and take initiative at We Got Y’all. Issa will be way out of her comfort zone and have to deal with unusual situations (like woodland creatures in the building structure). But she’ll also be starting a new phase of her journey where she’s by herself for the first time in years. Viewers will get to see what “truly-100 percent-single” Issa is like. Hopefully ,she’s less of a mess than “with Lawrence-but-cheating-on-him-with-Daniel” Issa, or “not-with-Lawrence-but-wants-to-be-back-with-him-while-still-messing-with-Daniel” Issa.

Molly’s work situation hasn’t gotten a huge amount of time so far this season (and the season’s already halfway over) but there may finally be something juicy with this Torian situation. We aren’t given much insight into what Molly’s issue with Torian is/will be, but knowing Molly, the conflict won’t get wrapped up with a neat bow after just one episode. And, knowing Molly, it will probably get messier before it gets better.

Here’s how you can watch the (earlier than usual) fourth episode of Insecure season 3.

"Date: August 31Episode: “Fresh-Like”TV Channel: HBOLive Stream: Watch on Fubo TV. You can also watch on HBO GO or HBO NOW."

Watch the preview for Insecure‘s next episode here:

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You can watch Insecure on HBO this Sunday at 9:30 p.m. ET.