Eminem’s new album Kamikaze is a midnight surprise for fans, takes on politics and haters


Eminem surprise released his new album Kamikaze in the middle of the night to the surprise and even excitement of his fans.

Eminem is back and doing what he does best, taking shots at everyone and everything. His newest album Kamikaze dropped in the middle of the night. And unsurprisingly, the rapper was ready with the quips.

Not only did Eminem take shots at some of his fellow rappers, but he had no problem taking on politics, particularly President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Other topics targeted with his lyrics included the Grammy awards and even journalists, all of whom were less than impressed with his 2017 album Revival.

Kamikaze features 13 tracks, including 2 skits that seem to be voicemails between Eminem and his manager Paul Rosenberg. And while the skits are fun and meta looks at the thought process behind the album, perhaps the best tracks are the ones that call to mind the original Slim Shady.

If you are looking for more of his trademark autobiographical lyrics and vocals then “Stepping Stone” is perfect and exactly what we want from the rapper. “The Ringer,” which opens up the album, is reminiscent of top-of-his-game Eminem. Not only do you get his unparalleled rap skills, but his ability to call people out with truth in a way that other people can appreciate too.

Another track that was exciting for multiple reasons is “Venom.” Not only because of Eminem’s lyrics, but because this will be part of the upcoming Tom Hardy Venom movie. It gives us a feel for the movie, as much as it gives us our last chance (it’s the final song on the album) to hear what the real Slim Shady can do with a verse. Perhaps the best verse of this song starts with the simple and almost ironic line, “knock, knock, let the devil in.”

In a 13 track album with 11 full-length songs, there are some definite wins and some okay options that still showcase the gift that Eminem has for dropping lyrics and hitting hard. And the fans agree, this is a clear return to form for the artist.

On social media, fans and critics alike responded to Eminem’s surprise album drop. While most were genuinely impressed or complimentary of the rapper, there were still those who think his time has already come and gone and he needs to call it quits.

From his lyrical flow to his ability to take shots that no one else seems willing to take, Em is not backing down anytime soon. Hear that, haters?

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According to Eminem’s own tweet when he dropped Kamikaze at midnight (on the East Coast), he tried not to overthink anything with this one and just went for it.

And with that, we can definitely say Shady’s back.