Prince Harry steals spotlight by singing Hamilton… almost


Meghan Markle earned mixed reviews by donning a mini-dress on a “Hamilton” date night with Prince Harry, but he ultimately stole the spotlight by singing!

Can Prince Harry sing? Meghan Markle’s royal husband stepped up to the challenge during a date night. And although Meghan turned heads just by being herself, it was Harry who ultimately snagged the spotlight by singing.

When you’re Prince Harry, your presence alone is enough to make an evening special for your fans. But the London theater-goers who chose Wednesday night to watch “Hamilton” at the Victoria Palace Theatre got something even more than Harry.

First, there was the sight of Meghan Markle in a mini-dress that some thought broke proper protocol. But then Harry took to the stage and stole the spotlight from his wife sing by singing two words.
“You say,” the prince sang, and the crowd cheered.

The phrase, which comes from the song “You’ll Be Back,” didn’t just make the crowd go wild. “Hamilton’s” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda just happened to be present as well, and he joined in the enthusiasm for the prince’s performance.

In addition to singing, Harry thanked the audience for helping to raise money to “change the lives of thousands of children in Bostwana and Lethoso.”  He expressed hope that the work would ultimately succeed in halting the “generational hand down of stigma around HIV.”

Meghan and Harry are known to be lovers of musical theater, pointed out by Time magazine. They previously were spotted at “Hamilton” in February, with the occasion marking Markle’s second time enjoying the popular play.

So had Harry rehearsed for his unexpected short but well-received solo? Apparently so, at least that’s what Meghan shared with a cast member, according to Elle.

“[Prince Harry] can’t stop singing all the songs from Hamilton,” Markle revealed.

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It’s clear that Harry and Meghan love “Hamilton,” and the world of theater (as well as their growing group of fans) loves them!