5 burning questions we have after seeing the preview for Riverdale season 3


We finally have our first look at season 3 of Riverdale. Not only is it shocking, but it also left us with a lot of questions.

It may have only been a 30 second trailer, but our first look at the third season of Riverdale was packed with action and footage that has us ready for the new season to start now. From Archie in jail to Veronica confronting her father, it looks and sounds like season 3 is going to be a wild ride.

However, with how short the preview trailer was, we were also left with plenty of questions. With any number of burning questions at the ready, we have five we want answered now (or at least as soon as season 3 premieres).

Check the trailer out below:

How does Archie get out of jail?

When Riverdale left off at the end of season 2, we all watched in shock and horror as Archie Andrews, recently elected class president, was arrested for murder. And in this preview we clearly see Archie behind bars.

How could this be? Well we know how, (thanks a lot Hiram Lodge), but the real question is how Archie is going to get out of jail. Moreover, how long is he going to have to stay there? Considering there are also brief glimpses in school and even on the football field, we can’t imagine Archie being in trouble for too long. At the same time, he is being accused of a murder he didn’t commit, so anything is possible.

How will FP and Alice get together?

Who else saw FP and Alice Cooper all snuggled up under the sheets together? We know we did! And now we want to know exactly when that happened? Sure, we know they have a past, and her husband has been arrested for being a serial killer, but that’s still a big change.

We want to know exactly how and what brought Alice and FP back together, not that we are complaining. Really, we just want to know all the details. Is this a permanent thing? Are they telling everyone or is this a secret liaison?

What’s the Riverdale police department doing?

What is happening in Riverdale that has cops coming at people with batons? We know things are getting dark and dangerous, but that didn’t look like a simple case of cops going after bad guys. In fact, that looks more like a cop swinging his baton at none other than Archie Andrews on a baseball field.

Whatever is happening does not look good. And that’s saying something considering the town has dealt with a father murdering his son, a shady businessman swooping in to take over, and of course, a serial killer.

What’s a cult even doing here?

Call us crazy, but when did Riverdale venture down path of devil worship? It may have been a very brief look, but there was definitely something ominous happening, and Betty Cooper is right in the thick of it. From the devilish drawings to the looming figure and Betty apparently passing out right in front of whatever summoning circle she has going on, things are looking spooky in Riverdale this season.

Things might get dark and twisted in this deceptively charming town, but we have never seen anything quite like this before. Then again, maybe the devil is exactly what you need to take down someone like Hiram Lodge (sorry, Veronica).

Who is Jughead trying to help?

And perhaps our biggest burning question comes at the very end of the clip. All we hear is Jughead screaming for help. We don’t really see anything and we have no clue what’s happening. And that’s exactly why we have questions.

What has Jughead screaming for help? He sounds afraid and frantic, so whatever it is, it can’t be good. Does it have to do with Betty and whatever this weird devil thing is? Is it his father, FP, who has a way of finding trouble? Or maybe something happened to Archie (again)? We are betting it has to do with Betty, but we don’t know! And that’s the problem.

There are just so many unanswered questions after watching the first look at Riverdale‘s third season. With a town that is already loaded with mystery and unanswered questions, that’s saying something.

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Hopefully our next look at season 3 of Riverdale will give us some more details so we can try to come up with our own answers. For now, there is a lot to unpack in that 30 second clip.