25 beloved television shows we really miss

Cast members of NBC's comedy series "Friends." (Photo by Warner Bros. Television)
Cast members of NBC's comedy series "Friends." (Photo by Warner Bros. Television) /
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THE OFFICE — Pictured: “The Office” Key Art — (Photo by: NBCUniversal) /

The Office

Michael Scott was the heart and soul of The Office, and his bumbling personality helped us understand awkward bosses everywhere. He just wanted to be the best he could be for Dunder-Mifflin, and it, in turn, made The Office one of those shows that we’ll always want to revisit.

Mike Schur, one of the show’s creators, has a way of creating characters that we want to have in our lives. Would we want to have Michael Scott as a boss? Probably not, because his antics tend to get on his employees’ last nerves, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care for him. And sure, Dunder-Mifflin may not be the most exciting location but it sure is eventful.

Even at their most annoying, the characters from The Office are still ones we want to succeed. This is a show that constantly gets talked up for needing a reboot, and fans have so many questions as to what happened to their favorite characters. How are Jim and Pam doing as a married couple? Has Kelly Kapoor hung out with Kim Kardashian yet, or would she move on to a celeb like Cardi B? Would Dwight — gasp — be working for the current government or try to take it down?

The Office reminds us to find the joy in others, and so having it back in our lives wouldn’t hurt anyone.