Twitter wants Constance Wu to host SNL, and now we need it to happen


Saturday Night Live asked fans on Twitter who should host SNL this season, and it seems like everyone has one person in mind: Constance Wu!

Crazy Rich Asians has been dominating the box office since it hit theatres, and we can’t get enough of the romcom’s stars, especially Constance Wu. There’s now a campaign to get her to host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

On Twitter, the official Saturday Night Live account asked their followers who they’d want to see host on the show’s upcoming 44th season.

Twitter users suggested stars like Noah Centineo (of Netflix’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before), Bruno Mars, Serena Williams, and even Chrissy Teigen. But one name seemed to be picking up steam more than anyone, and we have to say, it might be the greatest suggestion: Constance Wu.

Wu has been the star of ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat since 2015, and started getting a lot of attention after being cast in the much-anticipated movie, Crazy Rich Asians. Now that the movie is out and it more than exceeded everyone’s expectations, Wu is in demand. And she would be the perfect choice for SNL.

Not only does Wu have excellent comedic timing — proved by her hilarious portrayal as the no-nonsense Jessica Huang on FOTB — but it would also encourage more Asian representation in the media. Saturday Night Live could use some more diversity too — the show has never had a single Asian cast member in its 43-year history, and they’ve only had a handful of Asians hosts.

Even Wu’s Crazy Rich Asians co-star Harry Shum Jr. (if you stayed during the credits, you know who he was) hyped up his colleagues, but not just Constance.

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Now that the idea is in our head, we can’t think of anyone better! Whether it’s Constance Wu, Awkwafina (OMG, please), or Ken Jeong, they would all be perfect. With Crazy Rich Asians taking over the world, it’s about time they take over SNL too!

Who do you think should host SNL this season?