Thor concept art of Odin and Frigga shows off their most regal outfits


A Marvel artist is showing off more designs from the first Thor movie. This time, he’s giving us a look at Thor’s parents, Odin and Frigga.

With the regal shine of the realm of Asgard, the Asgardian people must not be off their game when it comes to fashion. Take Thor’s brilliantly dashing red cape, or those nice gold accents that adorn Loki’s costumes. But aside from those two, the (albeit, former) king and queen of Asgard are really the ones who have to show up and show out when it comes to their regal wear.

Giving us a look at the original designs, Marvel artist Charlie Wen showed off more of his sketches this week. This time, Thor’s parents Odin and Frigga are taking the spotlight. The artist has been posting original designs from the first Thor movie over the past few weeks, including one wacky design for Loki.

Wen posted each of the designs to Instagram; the post for Frigga shows off two designs for her dresses. The first, he writes, is the ceremonial dress worn by Rene Russo for Thor’s coronation. He also includes a photo of the final costume, and it looks absolutely dazzling. The long cape all jeweled out makes the gown look especially fit for a queen. The second dress in the set is considered her “casual dress,” but it still shows off that Thor’s family goes out in style.

Odin’s ceremonial outfit, Wen mentions on Instagram, was unused in the movie. This look shows the former king with a slightly less broad red cape than he does in the final version. It also looks like he’s wearing a long tunic of sorts just below his armor.

His helmet is nearly similar to the original design, seen here on Film Illusions Inc.’s website. The crown appears to be a combination between Loki’s horned helmet and Thor’s winged helmet, except the horns in the concept art go back instead of fanning out.

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These costumes are nothing short of spectacular. The Asgardians are always on point when it comes to fashion, and it really makes us wish Thor could get one more movie to see more looks.

We have to find out what happens to the Asgardians next, and there’s no way Avengers 4 could properly tie up such a huge storyline in an already overstuffed movie. So if Taika Waititi is down to come back to Thor one more time, we’d really appreciate it.