Star Wars Episode IX rumors: A new set is emerging


New rumors and reports with photos seem to suggest that Star Wars Episode IX will add another filming location sooner rather than later.

It seems that the gates to Star Wars Episode IX spoilers are now fully open. Not terribly long after photos of actors on set came out, Making Star Wars has put in rumors of its own about where Episode IX could be filming next.

MSW claims that a set of photos shows the Millennium Falcon out in Black Park in the United Kingdom, not far from Pinewood Studios, then adds that some changes have been made to that set in recent days that include more fake plant life.

With so little to go on, it’s hard to determine what exactly is going on besides the fact that it might explain why we really haven’t seen much of Daisy Ridley yet in Episode IX shots. She spends most of The Last Jedi apart from Poe and Finn, who will reunite at some point in Episode IX; it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if she does similar here.

It would mirror Return of the Jedi, where Luke spends a significant portion of the film away from Han and Leia; additionally, it would probably put her into close contact with Kylo Ren. Much as we here at Culturess can’t say we really support the idea of there being a romantic pairing between the two, their conflict is set up to expand even further in Episode IX.

Here’s the real question: what’s on this planet? It almost bears a slight resemblance to Dagobah with the vines, but it’s not swampy enough to really evoke the planet Yoda lives on when in exile. However, the idea of trees and caves that have strange connections to the Force has been a part of the Star Wars universe since The Empire Strikes Back. It could be, in seeking more about the Force, Rey will journey to another planet, trying to learn more. Maybe it’ll be here that she encounters a Force ghost or two — or even Kylo Ren, looking for the same thing.

But how would she know to come here? In the most memed moment of The Last Jedi, Yoda destroys the sacred texts (props to you if you read that in Mark Hamill’s voice). Perhaps it’s not the first time she meets any Force ghosts in the film?

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Either way, keep checking back on Culturess for all the latest from Episode IX.