Oreo’s hot wings and wasabi flavors have us asking what’s going on


In China, Oreo has launched two new flavors that they are calling big and bold. But we have to have to wonder what’s next based on these choices.

When it comes to Oreos, there are plenty of purists who are only interested in the regular chocolate cookie with white cream filling. If they are feeling really adventurous, they may even go for the double-stuffed cookies. However, the last thing they are probably going to grab is a wasabi or even a hot chicken wing-flavored cookie.

Oreo has proven time and time again that they are willing to think outside the box when it comes to unique flavor combinations in their cookies. From pumpkin spice to the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, there seems to be no limit to the fun flavors the company is willing to try. And when we say no limit, we really mean it now.

In a tweet from Mondelēz International, the company announced the arrival of two new Oreo flavors in China, and if you ever wanted to try a cookie filled with wasabi flavored cream, now is your chance. Or if you really love hot wings, then why not grab some Oreos in this bold, new flavor?

The cookies are clearly still the chocolate cookies, with the cream itself being the new flavor sensation. And while we might be wondering who thinks putting chocolate and hot chicken wings together is a good idea, we also can’t imagine going with the golden oreo cookie either.

However, we totally understand a little savory and sweet action. But the idea of Oreos that taste like these two bold flavors sandwiched between chocolate has us asking why. Why is this a thing? Even the colors of the cream are a bit off-putting, as the orange definitely makes us think of buffalo wings sauce. And the green is terrifyingly close to the mound of wasabi you get with good sushi.

For those of you who love trying something new, it seems like unless you are in China, you might not get the chance to dive into these Oreos with a kick any time soon. There is no word from the company about expanding these bold flavors to additional countries.

Wild and crazy flavors are nothing new in our favorite dessert snacks. And while Oreo has never gone quite so bold before, other companies have. Kit-Kat has plenty of international varieties found in Japan and China, such as green tea, hot chili pepper, and even buttered corn, according to Reviewed.com.

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Will we see more innovative flavor profiles from Oreo? If the wasabi and hot chicken wing flavors do well, we bet we will.