Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable reunite at Wizard World Chicago, talk upcoming live-action movie


Here’s the sitch: Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable reunited at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con and it was everything fans could’ve hoped for.

It’s been just over 10 years since Kim Possible ended on Disney Channel and the crime-fighting world has never been the same.

There haven’t been many reunions since, but the few there have been are high quality. Take this one for example, from April of this year:

But over the weekend, we got the best one yet at Wizard World Chicago. Christy Carlson Romano and Will Friedle were signing autographs and taking pictures next to each other all weekend, and on Sunday, they teamed up for a conversation on the hit cartoon.

Both actors agreed, they have nothing but positive memories of the show. Romano especially loved the impact that Kim had on young girls. The fact that Kim was so driven, and balanced her life well created an incredible role model.

The balancing act actually wasn’t too far off from Romano’s real life. Friedle noted that most of his memories don’t necessarily include Romano, since she was in school during the show. That meant she didn’t really get to record at the same time as the rest of the cast.

One thing he does remember: the lyrics to “The Naked Mole Rap.” When a fan asked if the lyrics are still in his brain, he chuckled and admitted they were. Friedle wouldn’t perform the whole song, but he did spit the first lyric.

Unsurprisingly, the conversation eventually turned to the upcoming live-action Kim Possible movie on Disney Channel. It’s been announced that Christy Carlson Romano does have a role in the film — sadly it’s not Shego, as I had to ask — but the part has been kept tightly under wraps.

Will Friedle, on the other hand, will not be part of the project. But he’s not upset about it. According to him, Ron is probably in prison somewhere. (He swears he was kidding, but it’s an interesting mental picture, imagining Ron and Rufus in a prison gang.)

As for the movie’s part in the KP universe as a whole, the original stars are split. Romano argued that the movie is “a completely different project” and shouldn’t be compared to the series. Friedle took the opposite view.

“Kim Possible is Kim Possible,” Friedle noted, and it’s hard not to compare the two. When Romano retorted that the movie isn’t made for the old-school Kim Possible fans, Friedle couldn’t help but laugh. He poked fun at his former co-star for the notion that fans of Kim Possible weren’t the target audience for the Kim Possible movie.

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Things got awkward for a moment, but the two agreed on one thing — people should at least give it a chance. Friedle made a point to note how confident he is in the movie’s stars, and even revealed that he’ll be watching the movie’s premiere at Christy Carlson Romano’s house.

So don’t worry, Friedle and Romano’s relationship remains so not the drama.