Harry Potter and the Cursed Child inconsistencies perfectly explained


A new fan theory has popped up which perfectly explains all of the inconsistencies in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that has annoyed many Potterheads.

If you know what Marmite is then you will understand this reference; Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is like Marmite. If you have no idea what Marmite is, basically you love it, or you hate it. There is no in-between.

And that pretty much sums up the stage production of Harry Potter. A lot of people love it, but a lot of people hate it as well.

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Why do they hate it? Well, it’s because there are a lot of moments within the stage production that are a bit, well, unbelievable, a.k.a inconsistent.

For example, and don’t worry I am not going to be spoiling anything for those who haven’t seen or read the play, there is an assumption, that a particular character, if something terrible had never happened to them, would have grown up and joined a particular group because they would have become extremely spiteful towards Harry Potter.

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The thing is, this is really hard to accept because we know that person was extremely generous, kind, brave, and many more other things that make it seem impossible that they would ever grow up and become what is foretold in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

And there are many more examples like that, moments where you just think, “Hang on a minute. That’s a pretty drastic change in personality.”

This is why a lot of fans pretty much hate the stage production. It’s not that the acting is terrible, or it doesn’t look fantastic, or that it is a terrible story in general. It’s all brilliant really; even the story is brilliant if you ignore everything you knew about Harry Potter beforehand. The problem is that there is just too much change and alterations to our favorite characters from the original stories.

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However, there is a wonderful theory going around right now that would perfectly explain all of the inconsistencies about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Posted on Reddit by user Captainedwinkrieger, the theory goes that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a stage play in the Wizarding World and it was written by the one and only Rita Skeeter.

Now I am not going to go into the explanation behind this amazing theory, because if I do it will completely spoil the stage production, but if you wish to see the full post on Reddit click here.

All I will say is this is a perfect theory, especially for those who have found Harry Potter and the Cursed Child really inconsistent and not true to the books. Why? Because Rita is the queen of miscuing information and making everything appear worse than what it really is, just to make the story that little bit more interesting. Basically she creates inconsistencies.

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What do you think about  Captainedwinkrieger’s theory? Does it perfectly explain all of the inconsistencies for you? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.