Move over Aquaman, mermaid themed travel is taking over


Aquaman might be a fictional character, but mermaid-themed travel is real. Are you ready to channel your inner mermaid?

Travel trends constantly evolve. One of the newest trends is mermaid themed travel. While the exact origin of this trend isn’t clear, the popularity of mermaids seems to be on the rise. Could Aquaman’s underwater prowess build fans’ interest in this type of travel, or maybe people are channeling their inner Ariel?

In a recent study by, over a third of people surveyed believe that mermaids exist. While these mythical creatures might not saunter out of the ocean, as seen in the classic movie Splash, the idea does have intrigue. Throughout movies and literature, mermaids fascinate people. It could be the creature’s beauty, athletic ability or just its uniqueness.

While the mermaid is often seen for her beauty, she does have a sense of power. The alluring water creature can entice people into her water abyss. How many people have been enraptured with this aquatic charmer and would be willing to enter that sea world?

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Responding to this new trend in themed travel, some hotels are starting to offer mermaid-themed workout classes. Starting in September, some hotels will offer these limited edition mermaid themed classes. It appears that participants will put on a mermaid fin and swim in a choreographed workout.

First, some people will flock to this type of experience because they will get to pretend to be a mermaid. Putting on that tail/fin can be the perfect fan experience come true. Even if they never get into the pool, just the experience of looking like a mermaid can be a dream come true.

Second, a mermaid-themed workout can be quite vigorous. Swimming with a monofin (a single fin) takes a lot of leg strength and endurance. Kicking in this position works the core, too. The mermaids might make this workout look effortless, but it isn’t as easy as it seems.

Adding this particular type of theme travel experience to a hotel can bring in more hotel guests. Hotels are always looking for ways to set themselves apart. A particular theme could make one property more popular than another.

Thinking about how connected fans are to their fandom, themed experiences are becoming more and more prevalent. From Harry Potter-themed hotels to the highly anticipated Star Wars hotels, these experiences have a built in travel audience. Fans even travel to hotels that have been featured in movies, television shows or books. Fans are looking to solidify their connection to their fandom in the real world, and these type of hotel experiences embrace that notion.

While mermaids might not be an exact fandom, the mythical creature has captured many people’s imagination. Also, with the current popularity of Aquaman and the soon-to-be-made live action Little Mermaid, it appears that sea creatures have pushed the colorful unicorn to the side.

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Are you ready to embrace the mermaid themed-travel trend? Would you specifically pick a hotel because it has a mermaid theme or mermaid experience?