Michael B. Jordan surprised a group of kids at school and made everyone’s day


Michael B. Jordan took time out of his filming schedule to talk to students at a nearby school in Alabama. The kids were thrilled to see him!

Michael B. Jordan has won the hearts of the internet with his good looks and also his good heart. While he is a favorite of internet fandom to thirst over (and how could you blame anyone), he has also shown to be a caring person who likes to engage with fans and make their day.

In Montgomery, Alabama, Jordan was in the area as he started filming for Just Mercy, a legal drama. He is set to star as Bryan Stevenson, the founder of the Equal Justice Initiative who worked to help those wrongfully convicted.

Students at Valiant Cross Academy were busy doing jumping jacks in the parking lot of their school, according to the Montgomery Adviser. That’s when Jordan came up to give the young boys at the school a surprise.

One of the students asked, “Are you Michael B. Jordan?” Another shouted excitedly, “you’re from Black Panther!”

The students were clearly excited to see the actor and to see Killmonger in real life. Jordan was happy to talk to the students and give them some life advice. Before taking a group picture with the students, he told the bright young minds:

"You gotta listen to your teachers… Make sure you listen to your parents. Work hard… just pay attention because school goes by real quick"

The video of the interactions is just adorable all around, and it’s easy to see how excited these kids are to get a chance to meet an actor from Black Panther. Jordan is so kind to the kids, and this isn’t the only time where he’s been happy to pose with fans or happy to interact with them. (We still can’t get over that incident where he responded to the girl who broke her retainer because of her Killmonger thirst!)

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Michael B. Jordan just keeps winning over all of our hearts, and we are also excited to see him take on this new role in Just Mercy, which sounds like it will be a serious and important work.