Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart shares she has no problem talking about mental health


On social media, Lili Reinhart is willing to talk about many things. And one of the topics she often discusses is mental health.

As Betty Cooper on The CW’s Riverdale, Lili Reinhart has given us a version of the character that is modern and independent in many ways. And while the character is fiery and willing to stand up for her friends and loved ones, Betty and Lili are not the same person (even if they do share similar qualities).

Instead, Lili Reinhart is someone who is outspoken and passionate about things. She is willing to talk about difficult topics, even when it could lead to backlash on social media. And during an interview with Variety, the actress shared her thoughts on being outspoken, including her willingness to talk about mental health and other issues.

The actress explained that she believes social media is an opportunity for artists who may not have been noticed before. It is a platform that allows the fans a chance to get to know their favorite actors and actresses, separate from the characters they portray.

Reinhart explained, “If you’re just watching the show and I didn’t have social media, you wouldn’t think I’m as outspoken as I am.”

In fact, social media is the platform Lili Reinhart uses in order to talk about the issues she believes are important, including mental health, body dysmorphia, and other problems or injustices she sees.

According to Reinhart, she has always been open about things like mental health, and it is something she has always been willing to talk about, even before she rose to fame on Riverdale.

She explained, “If there’s something I feel really passionate about and feel the need to comment on, then I will.” For the actress, it is not about how many followers she has, it is about opening up when it comes to the things that matter to her.

It is because of her willingness to speak out about topics like depression, body image, and anxiety that many people have reached out to her to explain how she has made an impact. She shared that she’s had fans come up to her and tell her that because of her ability to be open and honest, they have been able to talk to their family and get help for their own problems. For example, she’d been very vocal on social media when it came to Demi Lovato and her recent struggle with addiction.

Lili Reinhart said that at first, it didn’t click with her that what she was doing was helping people. But once it did, it made an impression. She realized that people are actually quite closed off when it comes to asking for help or talking about issues like mental health.

“Being exposed to this industry and so many more people from all around the world,” Reinhart said. “I’m really seeing how closed off people are from talking about it. So it’s been a process of learning that what I’m doing is actually helping.”

And while Lili Reinhart is certainly not the first celebrity to talk about mental health, having her voice added to the others helps. It makes it okay to ask for help. It helps to end the stigmas around depression and anxiety.

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More voices talking about mental health means more people understanding that it is okay to reach out and talk to someone. With Lili Reinhart using her platform to talk about depression and anxiety, she is giving her fans someone else to look up to that understands what they are going through.