Drake superfan gets a new heart only a week after meeting him


The mega fan only had two wishes for her 11th birthday: to meet her idol in person and get a new heart. Little did she know that both would come true.

Drake is known for having a ton of fans (and even superfans) that would give anything to meet him. Most recently, the world came to know a very special young fan of the artist/rapper via YouTube. Sofia Sanchez, just 11 years old, went viral when her “In My Feelings” challenge video.

The video was posted to the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital channel on YouTube, and currently has over 700,000 views on the website.

The viral “In My Feelings” dance challenge has reached thousands of people, including this youngster who proves that she can still bust some moves despite her diagnosis. Sofia was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, and had been waiting for a new heart for several weeks.

For her 11th birthday, she hoped to have only two wishes come true: to meet Drake and get a new heart. The first wish was granted when Drake was in Chicago for a concert at the United Center last week. The rapper swung by the hospital and met Sofia, making her dreams come true.

Now, the adorable superfan’s second wish has been granted. She received news that she was getting a new heart! Her reaction was captured and uploaded to Instagram and, honestly, prepare to get a little emotional.

“My birthday wishes are- and it did happen. Well, one of them did: to meet Drake,” Sofia said in the video. “And that one did happen. And it was great. And my other wish is to get a heart, which is going to happen soon.”

“Well, guess what?” The person behind the camera asked. “It happened today, you’re getting a heart.”

You can see Sofia’s face change in an instant at that moment, looking absolutely thrilled and stunned that her final wish is coming true:

Thousands commented their well-wishes and support including Drake himself, who was so happy that she was getting her long-awaited heart.

“YESSSSSSSS!!! My love so happy for you,” Drake said in the video’s comments.

On Monday, it was announced on her GoFundMe page that the surgery went well and she now has a “good, strong heart”!

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Congrats, Sofia! We wish you all the best and hope you have a speedy recovery.