Ben Affleck’s Batman days might really be over now


Ben Affleck recently reentered rehab and while there is plenty of support for the actor, there are still some questions as to what this means for his future as Batman.

Ever since Justice League premiered in theaters (and even before then really), there have been rumors that Ben Affleck would be stepping away from the DCEU and his role as Batman. Even with a solo project in the works, the actor seemed ready to hang up his cape and batarangs.

Simply put there has never been any solid news to confirm or deny the fact that Affleck would no longer be Batman. However, The Wrap now reports that it may not be financially feasible for Warner Bros. to hold onto Affleck.

Industry insiders pointed to the cost of insurance as being the key reason for Affleck’s end as Batman. As a recovering alcoholic who has been in rehab three times over the last 20 years, and twice just in the last year or so, the cost to insure and bond the actor may be more than the studio is willing to pay.

“He would be bondable, but the deductible would be really high, probably the budget of the film,” an attorney who specializes in these matters told The Wrap. Considering how expensive superhero movies are to begin with, that’s a lot of money.

Even if the insurance company only asked for half of the budget to be set aside, that could still be a ridiculous amount of money. Especially when you consider that the Justice League budget was approximately $300 million. If the DCEU did move forward on a sequel to that ensemble film, that could mean needing nearly $500 million just to be able to include Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Of course, there have been other cases in which an actor was expensive and downright impossible to insure. Robert Downey Jr. was once considered a bad boy of Hollywood for a reason. But with the help of people willing to take a chance on him, and his own willingness to have his pay withheld, he has been able to prove that he is reliable and worth the risk.

If Robert Downey Jr. can turn things around and become the face of the MCU, there is nothing that says Ben Affleck can’t do the same thing as part of the DCEU. The problem lies in whether or not he really wants to continue playing Batman and if Warner Bros. is willing to keep him and gamble on his talents.

All things considered, Ben Affleck has been a divisive Caped Crusader since he was first brought into the DCEU. While he has been able to win over many fans, there are still some people who think it is time for a new Batman to step up.

Whether or not the insurance issue is what ultimately leads to a changing of the guard (or the bat really), it certainly sounds like it could be the deciding factor. Even with a solo movie still in the works with Ben Affleck attached, that doesn’t mean he will be the film’s leading man.

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We don’t know what the future holds for the DCEU (unless we are talking about Aquaman and Shazam!). But we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a new Batman in town soon.