Alec Baldwin is going to play a Trump-like Thomas Wayne and it’s wrong


When the casting of Thomas Wayne was announced, it seemed like a joke that he’d be Trump-like. But surprise! Alec Baldwin could ruin Thomas Wayne.

Update: Alec Baldwin is no longer a part of Joker. The actor stated “scheduling issues” as the reason for dropping out of the standalone film featuring the iconic DC villain.

Great, now the DCEU could ruin what makes Thomas Wayne such an amazing character. One of the reasons that Bruce Wayne is the man he is stems from the beliefs that his father, Thomas, left with his son before he was murdered.

So why wouldn’t the DCEU throw that out the door to cast Alec Baldwin in a Trump-like portrayal of Thomas Wayne? Look, it seems an easy pull for fans of Baldwin. He’s now known for his parody of the president on Saturday Night Live. So if you can bank on that income, why not do it?

But why do it with a character like Thomas Wayne who, arguably, is the exact opposite of Donald Trump? Determined to make Gotham City a better place for the people (not himself) and one whose life is dedicated to saving people, Thomas is not someone you’d ever connect to Donald Trump in attributes.

This is the DCEU, though, so it isn’t exactly surprising that they are destroying Thomas Wayne and also whatever storylines they currently having running around the Joker. It doesn’t make sense, and this movie has one of the most confusing casts ever put together.

Every step that the DCEU takes with Wonder Woman, it takes 48 steps back with the rest of their films. Joker is no different, and having Thomas Wayne be reminiscent of Trump in any way is destroying a character who would have opposed our president and everything he stands for.

That, and why couldn’t we just have Jeffrey Dean Morgan back as Thomas Wayne? He’s perfect and was already cast.

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