15 style steals from Crazy Rich Asians’ leading ladies

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Offshore One Sleeve Dress. Photo via Cynthia Rowley

Peik Lin Goh: Snoshy

Get the look: Offshore One Sleeve Dress

Awkwafina serves up a ton of laughs each time she graces the screen as Peik Lin, and she also gives us a new word for our vocab: “snoshy.” She describes the Young family to Rachel as a mix of “snobby” and “posh,” and that what she wears to meet them matters. Peik Lin herself gets invited into Ah Ma’s party when she drops off Rachel. She unexpectedly has a few changes of clothing in her trunk, none of which seem to really fit the occasion, but she goes with the one marked “cocktail.” An all-black dress doesn’t seem to fit her vibe, so we’d picture her in something more like this, if she got to do it right.