Prince William has a scar on his forehead just like Harry Potter


Either Prince William is a massive fan that took things too far or he had an accident but the Royal has a scar on his forehead just like Harry Potter.

So it turns out that the future King of Great Britain, Prince William, has a cracking scar on his forehead just like Harry Potter. He’s had it for a while and has never denied it when asked about it but nobody has really paid attention until now.

So what happened? Did the Prince have a huge accident? Was he born with it? Or is he such a super fan of the wizarding world who is super into cosplay and took things a bit far in order to win a Harry Potter lookalike contest?

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Well, he wasn’t born with it, but he has had it for some time now, and no, he definitely didn’t do it on purpose in order to win a Harry Potter lookalike contest. In fact, it all happened before Harry Potter was even around.

Prince William ended up with the scar in 1995 when he was only 13; in an interview back in 2009, he admitted that he got the scar after being hit with a golf club by accident while having a round with his friend.

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You can see why he doesn’t go around shouting about it because it is a pretty dull, and probably very embarrassing, story for him.

However, here is a fun thought. Did J.K. Rowling base Harry Potter’s scar off Prince William? Think about it for a moment, we are comparing the scar to Harry Potter. But, Prince William got it in 1995; before Rowling published the first Harry Potter story in 1998. Maybe, she heard about Prince William’s accident was inspired to give Harry a similar scar.

I will just leave you with that little nugget to contemplate over.

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What do you think about Prince William and his Harry Potter scar? Did you already know about it before today? Share what you are thinking in the comments below