Fan theory wishes Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter reunite for Avengers 4 post-credit scene


Now here’s an Avengers theory we can get behind: one fan hopes the post-credit scene includes a reunion between Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter.

Many fans have come to believe Steve Rogers will die in Avengers 4, per Chris Evans himself saying that film will be the last for Captain America. Sure, we’d like to hope he’d live through till the end, but we can’t deny Cap dying in battle would be a heroic end to his journey.

As if the notion of Cap dying in Avengers 4 isn’t already a hard enough pill to swallow, fans have a bittersweet vision for Cap’s last moments on screen. This theory makes most of us want to hold onto a pillow and cry into it for hours on end.

While there are issues with this theory because it erases most of the Agent Carter storyline from Peggy’s character, the theory is one that has our Peggy/Steve loving hearts breaking.

Remember when Peggy Carter died and Steve Rogers carried her casket at her funeral? Well, now you can imagine Peggy waiting for Steve after he dies to usher him into the next life.

They may have one of the saddest relationships in the canon. To finally give these two a happy ending, although still a sad one, would maybe give fans a bit of happiness. Peggy and Steve never really had their chance back during World War II, and ever since, we’ve wept over their tale of lost love.

So the idea that Peggy would be the one waiting for him on the other side is touching as well as heartbreaking.

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