New Marvel merch shows Captain Marvel could wear two suits in her movie


Of all the merch to give us hints about Captain Marvel, a set of notebooks is shining a light on the character in the upcoming Marvel movie.

It’s back-to-school season, but Marvel’s strategically holding out on some Captain Marvel merch until it’s time for the movie to come out. But just because it’s not being released until 2019, that doesn’t mean we can’t gander at it online and speculate what this merch might mean for the movie.

The merch that Marvel’s withholding is a set of two notebooks from Insight Editions. One notebook features Brie Larson’s likeness as Captain Marvel on the cover. The other notebook features her name and symbol. And just below that symbol is the phrase, “Protector of the skies.”

So now it looks like we have Earth’s mightiest heroes, guardians of the galaxy, a sorcerer who watches over multiple dimensions, and now, a protector of the skies.

Marvel: Character Notebook Collection (Set of 2): Captain Marvel. Image via Marvel: Character Notebook blue: Captain Marvel. Image via Marvel: Character Notebook red: Captain Marvel. Image via

The color scheme of these notebooks is of particular interest, seeing as they stick with the familiar suit colors some of us know Captain Marvel to wear. This, looking at the pictures above, would be blue, red, and gold. But going by the set pictures from Captain Marvel that have been going around, we see Captain Marvel wearing a green suit instead.

This might mean that Captain Marvel may don two suits in the film. Otherwise, why would Marvel allow these notebooks (for Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel specifically, not the comic book character) to have the red and blue color scheme? If she wasn’t going to wear her red and blue suit at some point, the notebooks would be better off using the green suit’s colors instead.

As some have pointed out, including Screen Rant, the green suit we’ve seen on set could be referencing an old look in the comics — possibly a Kree suit given to her by Mar-Vell. Or it’s perhaps a Kree soldier uniform she took for herself. Then, at some point in the movie, it’s possible she’ll want to have a proper suit over her own and will opt for the familiar red and blue suit.

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This might also be why we see her colors as red and blue on Nick Fury’s pager in Infinity War. Since her solo movie will happen in the past, it would make sense that the pager uses the newer color scheme, rather than the green one. What do you think? Will Captain Marvel have two suits in her solo movie?