The best New York City spots you can actually visit from Marvel movies and TV shows

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Times Square (Captain America: The First Avenger)

Remember when Steve Rogers woke up and thought it was the 1940s, but realized something was wrong? That’s the scene when he decides to run out into a very different Times Square than the one he knew growing up.

So for him, it was probably quite the culture shock when he was running out to see Times Square in such a different light. To think, image seeing Time Square dazzling in huge TV screens, and scrolling headlines and advertisements — something that was never there before. It had to be a little overwhelming.

Obviously coming to New York City, people want to go to Times Square for reasons other than it being the place Captain America sees at the end of the movie, but still. It is a beautiful scene, and to think about how different it must be for Steve brings a different weight to his character.

But of course, there’s something about Times Square that really makes you feel like you’re in New York. It might be a busier section for tourists (and there are a lot of them) rather than New York natives, but it’s a spot unlike any other spot in the rest of the world.

What you can do:

  • Shop around at a few of the large shops in Times Square. Some of these places are larger than life and always busy.
  • Catch a Broadway show. Dead center of the theater district, Times Square has become the hub for tickets, shows, and more. You can try to snag discount day-of tickets right there by the big red staircase.
  • Find the Naked Cowboy! A New York staple, he performs in Times Square regularly and you can even get a picture with him.

Location: 42nd Street, New York City, NY

How to get there: Times Square is the hub for mostly all of the New York subway system. 1/2/3, 7, A/C/E, N/Q/R/W, B/D/F/M and S trains all stop at or around Times Square.

Cost: Free!

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New York is featured throughout the Marvel world in a lot of different ways. Which New York hotspot from Marvel are you looking forward to visiting?