The best New York City spots you can actually visit from Marvel movies and TV shows

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Most of the events in the MCU all go down in one of the greatest places in the world: New York City. Here’s your guide to those spots, so you can feel like an Avenger, too.

While DC Comics likes to create their own cities, what’s nice about Marvel is that it is relatively real, so to speak. With the exception of other fictional locations like Wakanda, Asgard and a few other places, most of the heroes are based in places we can visit in the real world.

That being said, New York City is one of those Marvel settings where it all goes down. And given New York’s so big (comprised of five city-sized boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island), there’s plenty of places that our favorite heroes have been — especially in the Marvel movies and TV shows.

It helps that Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America, the Winter Soldier, and all of the Defenders are from New York City, so they’re basically our tour guides for this big city.  From Spider-Man’s flying moves to save the Staten Island Ferry that Vulture cut in half to mentions of both Coney Island and Rockaway Beach from Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, we’re taking a look into the city that never sleeps to see all the landmarks we know and love from the Marvel universe. Really, there are so many places these heroes love to go!