Not everyone plays Quidditch so what does everyone else do for exercise?


Quidditch is the football equivalent at Hogwarts. But if you’re not on the team, what else do students do to stay active while away at school?

The sport of choice at Hogwarts is Quidditch and while it is a fun sport, not everyone can play. So what can other students do to keep active while at school? Or is that even a concern while attending Hogwarts? It’s strange because we never really see anyone else doing sports.

It’d be fun to think about the students running track around the lack to keep themselves active and out there. Or maybe there is a hidden gym somewhere that students can use when they need to relieve some stress that exams and school work can give them.

Either way, it is weird that there is no form of physical education at Hogwarts. At least, that we know of. There could very well be a class that we just don’t see in the books or movies but, since it is just a normal school, shouldn’t there be some kind of class that gets students outside?

It might be because we don’t have much to see in regards to their daily lives because a lot of the time, Harry and his friends are trying to stop something bigger from happening. But it seems as if the kids at Hogwarts never get to workout other than flying around the Quidditch pitch if they’re on the team.

Maybe just a track would be nice so we know that these kids are also active and taking care of themselves while they are attending Hogwarts. Want to make sure their all being healthy with all the Great Hall has to offer.

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What would you do at Hogwarts? Maybe run around the lake? Sound off in the comments below.