Preparing for back to school: Hogwarts edition


Everyone hates going back to school but if you’re going back to Hogwarts, you’re probably a bit more excited. So what do wizards and witches need?

Hogwarts is a place we’d all like to go to school but it makes you think: Do witches and wizards dread going back to school just as much as the rest of us do? Granted, it is their norm so they probably end up hating their potions class just as much as we hate English.

Still, we’re looking at going to Hogwarts from an outside perspective. So what does each wizard and witch need to go back to school? Well, according to the series, they need to get their pets, their new books, their robes and more before they can even think about attending school.

When you break it down that way though, we almost have it easy. We just have to go to school with new paper and pens and get ready for class. It’s more about what we’re wearing than anything else but, for wizards and witches, there is so much that goes into getting them ready for their return to Hogwarts.

So either go and get your pet owl ready to go back or get new robes because the school year for Hogwarts is about to start. They go back a little later than most American schools and, come September 1st, the wizards and witches will flood the halls of Hogwarts once more. Just not the third floor corridor or the Forbidden Forest.

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Would you want to go shopping for your return to Hogwarts? What kind of pet would you get? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you’d bring back to the school of witchcraft and wizardry!