10 feminist podcasts we should all be listening to right now

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4. The Guilty Feminist

The Grandmother of feminist podcasting has got to be The Guilty Feminist. Have you ever done or thought something not very feminist? Well this the safe space for you, my friend. At the top of each episode, host Deborah Frances-White and the week’s co-host share their “I’m a feminist, but…” stories. There’s nothing more relatable in the world. My personal favorite? “I’m a feminist but I’ve no idea what a vulva is, and at this point, I’m too afraid to ask”.

Each episode has a topic that is discussed; the subjects have ranged from periods to mothers, from emotional labor to feminism and faith. There’s always a great deal of lively discussion and there’s a very good reason why the show’s unofficial tagline is “unexplained laughter disrupts the patriarchy.” Listen on public transport if you dare…

As well as boasting an impressive line up of co-hosts and guest (including Rachel Bloom, Jo Brand and Gemma Artherton), the podcast is packed full of comedian co-hosts all of whom prove once and for all that women can actually be funny — who would have thought!

In the last year, The Guilty Feminist has aligned itself with several charities, and this year the show’s host Deborah Frances-White organized a live show in Calais to support Help Refugees, a charity that assists refugees in Europe and who rely solely on donations and volunteers. Add this to The Guilty Feminist‘s presence at various protests over the past few years and it feels like this podcast is morphing into a movement – one that everyone can get behind.