10 feminist podcasts we should all be listening to right now

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1. Standard Issue Podcast

Standard Issue was formerly an online magazine designed to combat the misogyny and self-hatred of traditional woman’s magazines. Sadly the magazine shut down about a year ago (all posts are archived and available to read, and I fully recommend you do!) but in its place stands The Standard Issue Podcast. Created by comedian Sarah Millican, it is hosted weekly by ex-writers of the magazine — Hannah Dunleavy, Jen Offord and Micky Noonan.

The podcast is made up of three types of episode: pod, chops and gig. The pod is a weekly round-up of everything that’s been going on in the past week and is astute, articulate and funny (even when most of the current news isn’t). Each of the hosts has their own segment and they cover everything from “sexism of the week” to sports news. There is no shortage of esteemed and recognizable voices on Standard Issue, the team has shot the breeze with the likes of Margaret Cho, Susan Wokoma, Everyday Sexism’s Laura Bates, Clare Balding and many other inspiring women.

If the Pod leaves you wanting more, well you are in luck! The full interview from each week’s pod is also released in full as the week’s chops episode, so you can listen away to amazing and brilliant women until your heart’s content.

In addition to the weekly roundup shows, the “gig” episodes are live shows, which historically have featured guests such as comedian Rachel Parris, Desiree Burch, Jennifer Saunders, Line of Duty’s Vicky McClure amongst others.

Standard Issue is a British podcast, so expect that lovable dry British humor and a lot of mournful jokes about Brexit.