This couple’s Jurassic Park engagement is an inspiration to fandom couples everywhere


Was your marriage proposal a symbol of your undying devotion to your fandom? For these Jurassic Park – The Ride fans, it was definitely a Jurassic engagement.

Many people dream of the perfect marriage proposal. Once you met the “one,” could that endearing question be on the horizon? While the proposal is just one moment in that love journey, shouldn’t it reflect something that is special to the couple? For two theme park and Jurassic Park enthusiasts, there was only one way to celebrate this epic event.

Theme park fans are often loyal to specific rides. Even though annual passholders visit theme parks over and over, usually a particular ride holds special meaning to them. It could be the first ride that you rode, it could be fandom theme or it could be just for the thrill. No matter the reason, that one ride has a specific connection one can’t shake.

Jurassic marriage proposal at Universal Studios Hollywood, photo provided by Universal Studios Hollywood

Recently at Universal Studios Hollywood, two super fans turned their love of Jurassic Park – The Ride into more than just another day at the park. This recent “ride” marked the beginning of a new journey, both record-setting and momentous.

The couple, Chelsea and Devin, had a birthday tradition. Every year for Chelsea’s birthday celebration, the couple would ride Jurassic Park – The Ride, with an entire raft to themselves. With this version of the Jurassic Park ride coming to a close on September 3, the couple wanted to break the record for total rides on a single day. And they absolutely did, riding it for 13 hours!

But, Devin wanted the event to be even more special, he was going to propose after they broke the riding record.

This type of marriage proposal took a major life moment and made it even more memorable. Every aspect of the day, not just the proposal, was built on the couple’s love of the Jurassic Ride. They took a birthday tradition and made it into their love story.

Even the ring incorporated the Jurassic Park theme. Hidden in a Barbasol can, an officially licensed screen accurate prop, the ring was a mosquito amber ring. Inspired by the amber in the movie, this ring continues the fandom love story.

The couple even had a little help from the team at Universal Studios Hollywood. Now while other superfans may not have a camera crew available to capture their engagement, we’re sure you could borrow an aspect or two from these lovebirds (or love… raptors, shall we say).

Jurassic marriage proposal at Universal Studios Hollywood, photo provided by Universal Studios Hollywood

Devin’s t-shirt reveal on the ride photo was perfect, and anyone who is a theme park ride fan could mimic this idea. After riding a favorite ride a few times, riders know where the camera is. Who hasn’t tried to take a funny picture once or twice (hopefully intentionally)? Why not unveil a t-shirt, hold a sign or capture something special on the photo. I wouldn’t suggest trying to take out the ring, since you wouldn’t want to drop it.

When any couple is about to start their spousal journey together, why shouldn’t the occasion be marked with a theme that is important to them? From theme park rides to movies to comic books, the choices are many. That fandom might have brought the couple together in the first place. Why shouldn’t it continue to be part of their love story?

It will be interesting to see if Jurassic Park – The Ride or the Jurassic Park/World franchise theme is continued into Chelsea and Devin’s wedding. Maybe some dinosaurs will join the happy couple on their first dance?

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These are the fandom stories we love here at Culturess, especially with Fandom 250 around the corner. We can even see this kicking Jurassic Park up a few pegs!

Do you have an epic fandom marriage proposal? Tell us about it! After all, who doesn’t love a good happily, ever after story, even a Jurassic one.