Marvel’s heroes are more deadly than you think


We might call them Earth’s mightiest heroes, but fans have uncovered a dark side to the superhumans who make up the Avengers squad.

As pointed out by The Hollywood Reporter, diligent fans on the Marvel Studios subreddit have kept note of all the deaths in the Marvel franchise to date and found our heroes to be rather careless when it comes to matters of life and death, preferring to deal out the latter when they face their foes.

Of all the studio’s title heroes, just Spider-Man (Culturess’ precious son) and the Wasp have not killed anyone onscreen. Then again, one is only 16 and both are fairly new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Perhaps there was some sense in the Sokovia Accords after all.

It’s a pretty brutal list, but there are some somewhat comforting caveats. For one, the studio’s villains are responsible for more than 50 of the 68 death recorded on the ‘project m’ spreadsheet, with Thanos unsurprisingly responsible for most of them.

15 alone happened at the snap of his finger and forgive us if we’re still weeping about it. The only list Peter Parker should be appearing on is of the people who’ve stolen our hearts. 

Furthermore, three heroes (Black Widow, Hawkeye and, most comfortingly, Captain America) only earn a place on the list through assisting, rather than first-hand murder.

Whilst you might say that is semantics, and rather surprising for the first two given that they are literally secret agents, the fact that Captain America hasn’t out and out murdered anyone still helps us sleep at night.

It’s just not the Steve Rogers way, is it?

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The list, of course, is all set to change next year following the release of Captain Marvel, but most importantly Avengers 4 — Thanos may find his Most Dangerous Character in the Marvel Universe crown is very well slipping.

We can only hope so.