Too Faced keeps summer going strong with Tutti Frutti makeup collection


Too Faced introduces a brand new collection of makeup, this time inspired by fruit. The Tutti Frutti line is all about eye-popping shades and delicious scents.

Makeup is often inspired by the trends of a season — be it the latest runway fashion or pop culture phenomenon, and sometimes, even food.

Thanks to Too Faced and Tutti Frutti, we’ve got a new collection of products inspired by the most delicious and refreshing part of the produce aisle. Yes, summer might be coming to an end, but your beauty looks can still scream fun in the sun.

Sure, we may not need an excuse for new makeup, but if you want eye-popping, bold and vibrant colors then the Tutti Frutti collection is perfect for you. Even the co-founder of Too Faced, Jerrod Blandino, says that he’s ”never been more excited about a collection.”

The Tutti Frutti collection encompasses a wide range of products from setting powder to lip glosses and eyeshadow palettes, and we have to admit we have a few of our own favorites.

Eyeshadow palettes

The new Tutti Frutti collection gives us not one, but two new eyeshadow palettes, and both are stunning. There is the Sparkling Pineapple palette and the Razzle Dazzle Berry palette. Unsurprisingly, the berry palette has shades that are purple and pink just like juicy berries, while the pineapple palette goes for neutrals, golds, and even a strong brown color.

Not only do you get a collection of shimmery, matte, and glittery shadow with each palette, but you also get the refreshing scent of fruit with each use. The Sparkling Pineapple smells like a fresh piece of pineapple, while the Razzle Dazzle Berry smells like a fresh bowl of berries. No matter which palette you choose (we say both), you get beautiful colors that pop and smell amazing.

Setting powder

Need a good setting powder? The Tutti Frutti line’s Bananas Setting Powder offers a brightening quality, while also blurring out the imperfections you might be trying to hide. This is a must-have product not only because of its delightful banana scent, but also the way it makes your skin look softened and camera-ready (selfies anyone?).

Whether you use this for under the eye brightening or even as an all over setting powder, this is a perfect addition to any makeup collection. And of course, if you are a banana lover then it’s an extra special treat.


If you are bored with your current foundation, then you may want to give the new Dew You Fresh Glow Foundation from the Tutti Frutti line a try. This is a collection of 20 shades that are hydrating, while also offering you full coverage.

Not only does this product hydrate the skin, but it brightens as well, giving skin a fresh and glowing look. Your skin will have the appearance of an evener tone and best of all, it’s meant to last all day.

Plus on top of all the beautifying effects of the Dew You, we can’t forget our fruity aspect. This particular product is infused with both cucumber and watermelon for a truly fresh, summery vibe.

Lip glaze

The Tutti Frutti line brings us the new Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze, which is all about glistening shine and smooth finishes.

The lip glaze comes in 12 eye-catching colors, with summery vibe names like Blue You Away, Home Slice, and Plum Crazy! Whatever your color choice, you’ll achieve a hard candy shine with a metallic finish that gives you the look of plumper lips. From its amazing smell, beautiful colors, and ability to make an impression — we can easily see this becoming a go-to glaze even into fall. (We all want summer to last as long as possible, right?)

Highlighting drops

If you love highlighting and making different aspects of your face pop, then nab the line’s Fresh Squeezed Highlighter Drops. These highlighting drops come in two shades, Pink Grapefruit and Pina Colada.

Both shades smell like their name and offer the ability to go for a glamorous glowing look. Whether you layer it up with other makeup looks, try it on its own, or even mix and match, this is a fun multi-use product that is great for any type of look.

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Whether you decide to try all of the products together, or incorporate just a single product into your everyday routine, the Tutti Frutti line is a fun, vibrant, and altogether refreshing addition to your makeup.

Check out all of Too Faced’s Tutti Frutti products here.