New The Walking Dead season 9 photos tease Carzekiel love, Washington and more

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Rick, Michonne, Daryl and the rest of our Walking Dead favorites are back in action with 12 new photos released ahead of the season 9 premiere. 

As we near The Walking Dead‘s season 9 premiere, AMC’s gifted us with 12 new photos that tease new love, leadership and even a new setting for our survivors.

Carol and Ezekiel are looking mighty cute as a new couple, and we’re sure #Carzekiel fans will be thrilled to see them finally confirmed as a thing with their new pic. As for our reigning couple #Richonne, Rick and Michonne are seen leading a group on horseback as well as removing an old wagon from a Washington, D.C. museum. While new love and rebuilding society is all good and fun, there does seem to be some tension still in the air after the show’s time jump. One photo of Maggie with what looks to be former Saviors behind her is pretty intimidating.

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