Maybe The Big Bang Theory should have ended long before Parsons’ exit


As a core character of the show, Jim Parsons’ leaving is the reason the Big Bang Theory is coming to an end. Too bad he couldn’t have left sooner.

I don’t know if we should be praising Jim Parsons or cursing him for not doing it sooner, but reports state The Big Bang Theory is ending because Jim Parsons was ready to leave the show. Meaning, if he had decided to do so sooner, we could have been freed from the toxicity that is this show.

The Big Bang Theory is both loathed by audiences and praised, a weird dichotomy for a show meant to praise nerd culture. While it does do the praising part for the white, male characters on the show, it is not kind to their minority characters and specifically to women that have to deal with the men on the CBS sitcom.

Penny didn’t even have a last name until she married Leonard and when asked about it, the creators simply stated that now she had one. So, you know, bad.

If Jim Parsons, it seems, had wanted to leave sooner, we could have been freed from the men who thought that women everywhere had to be taught what being a nerd was all about.

Sure, the women were smart but they couldn’t be both smart nerds and say, be into comic books. Women even walking into a comic book store was a shocker, made worse by the notion of Comic Books 101 for Girls being a whole bit.

The show was great for nerds — if you were white and male. Three of the four main men fit that description and were, arguably, terrible to the women in their lives.

They weren’t really that kind to each other either. Take Raj for instance, who is constantly mocked for behaviors that are seen as “feminine” and that equates to being lesser than his guy friends. Just listen to Pop Culture Detective’s dive into the show’s “Adorkable Misogyny” to see what we mean.

All that being said, the fact that the show seemingly centered around Jim Parsons’ character Sheldon speaks volumes. We guess no one felt the show had much Bang without him.

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With that, we say goodbye to The Big Bang Theory. Most of us will definitely not miss you.