The Good Place’s Google Chrome extension finally brings you your own Janet


NBC’s The Good Place released its own Google Chrome extension that’ll make you feel like your actually in the Good Place… or perhaps the Bad Place.

The Good Place is getting us one step closer to having our own Janet. No, she won’t creepily pop up behind you when you ask her for help. But she can assist you with your Google and YouTube searches, thanks to The Good Place‘s Google Chrome extension.

This extension for your desktop or laptop browser is a neat way for fans of the show to feel a little more immersed in the strange world that is the Good Place… or maybe it’s actually the Bad Place, depending on how you look at it.

One of the features of this extension replaces some of Eleanor’s favorite words (curse words, of course) by using its “Obscenities Censor.” Say goodbye to the s-word, b-word and f-word, and say hello to “shirt,” “bench,” and “fork.”

We tested out the Obscenities Censor by going to one of the best sources: Nicki Minaj. A line from “Chun Li” gave us solid results, reading:

"I’m always in the top shirt, box seats, bench, fork the gossip"

We also tested Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” just for good measure:

"Said, “Lil bench, you can’t fork with me if you wanted to”"

It looks like the censors work just fine. Going onto other websites, we did see a few other choice words slip through the cracks. So it looks like if you want to get really vulgar in the Good Place, Michael will let it pass.

The extension also gives you a nice landing page for when you open a new tab, featuring the current time and temperature of any given place. For example, the Eleanor and Michael landing screen shows you the temperature in the Bad Place. It starts at a cozy 103 degrees and gets hotter as time passes — presumably every time you start thinking about how hot it is.

There’s also the “Joy of Missing Out” feature that gives you a reminder to take a break periodically. But who needs some architect telling you how to live your life? Maybe in the Good/Bad Place you don’t have a choice. But this is Earth, and we do.

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You can check out The Good Place extension and all its other features in the Chrome web store. And to find out what happens to Eleanor, Michael, and the rest of Team Cockroach, you can catch the third season of The Good Place starting Sept. 27 on NBC.

[H/T: SyFy Wire]