Why didn’t Dumbledore save himself in Harry Potter?


Someone please help me out and explain this one. Why didn’t Dumbledore save himself in Harry Potter by using Fawkes? Was it not possible? Or did Dumbledore need to die?

Ok so if you didn’t know about Dumbledore dying in Harry Potter that is on you. Both the books and the movies have been out long enough for you to have either read them, or seen them, by now.

So I need some help about Dumbledore’s death, and I am hoping you can do just that because it has occurred to me recently, that after all this time, why didn’t Dumbledore have Fawkes the Phoenix save him in Harry Potter?

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Was it not possible? Or did Dumbledore decide he needed to die in order to start the chain of events that would lead to the defeat of Voldemort?

We all know the details leading up to Dumbledore’s death; while searching for the Gaunt family ring that Voldemort had transformed into a Horcrux, Dumbledore discovered that it was the famous resurrection stone and decided, in a brief moment of selfishness, to put the ring on.

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The ring turned out to be cursed, and if it wasn’t for Professor Snape, the headmaster would have died there and then. Instead, Snape managed to prevent the spread of the curse, but only temporarily; a year at best. This change in circumstances then lead to Dumbledore’s plan to have Snape kill him instead of Malfoy, and you know the rest from there.

But why did he decide to go through with this plan? Why didn’t he have Fawkes the Phoenix swoop down and lay some tears on him, and then we would have had him around for longer, maybe not even dying at all?

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It’s not like Fawkes wasn’t kicking about or wasn’t very noticeable. He is a great big bloody bird that would have been sitting on his perch all bright and noticeable mere feet away from them.

Was it because the tears of the Phoenix would have had no effect on the curse? Where the tears powerful enough to cure the Harry Potter of the venom of the Basilisk but not revert the effects of the curse?

Or did Dumbledore decide that this was just the way that it had to be? That if he was to die then the events that would follow would see the destruction of Voldemort?

If this has been answered then please, let me know, because I can’t figure out if Fawkes was ever brought up during this time, in both the book and the movie. The only thing I can remember about Fawkes is him flying away from Hogwarts playing his song while Dumbledore was buried before vanishing; leaving no doubt that the greatest wizard to ever live was gone.

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Do you know the answer to this one? If you do, please share in the comment below.