Disneyland has one amazing Easter egg that brings Infinity War to the real world


A Marvel Easter Egg at Disneyland melds together the MCU with the real world, all while giving props to Marvel Comics best media outlet.

Ok, r/ThanosDidNothingWrong might be on to something. Imagine going to Disneyland and never having to wait through long lines ever again.

That might be the thought going through some people’s mind wandering Disneyland as they spot a certain MCU Easter egg planted in the park. As two guests have spotted this month, there’s a newspaper vending machine with a special copy of the Daily Bugle hanging out in the park.

This paper, found by Ford117 on Reddit and Harrison Faigen on Twitter, draws the MCU into the real world, writing about the events of Infinity War and even referencing Black Panther/Wakanda as well.

The front page story is about the big donut in the sky, or rather Ebony Maw’s “O” shaped ship that landed in New York City. Knowing that the Daily Bugle only has the best journalists around, the headline “‘O’ No They Didn’t!” really shows how much the people of Marvel’s NYC really care about all the mayhem at this point.

There’s a big alien ship landing? Meh, they already had to deal with hundreds of Chitari landing in the city when Loki was there. So those two alien guys coming for Doctor Strange are basically nothing.

The Wakanda features seem to be going off of the ending of Black Panther, where the country was finally opened up to the rest of the world. Based off of that, it makes sense that the newspaper would take the time to explore the foreign country and what it has in store. The headlines at the top about Wakanda read:

  • “Wakanda joins the global stage: how the nations reacted”
  • “Princess Shuri at Coachella: Fierce royal fashions seen”
  • “Vibranium, miracle metal? What the future may bring”

It’s nice to see that Shuri finally got to go to Coachella, but we can only imagine what the next day’s headline for the Daily Bugle is going to be. We’re assuming “Oh Snap!” would probably be a part of it.

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Our one critique of New York’s finest daily newspaper’s front page: we need pictures of Spider-Man! J Jonah Jameson would be very displeased with this cover.